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Ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, low back pain and shoulder pain are common complaints seen in primary care office settings. Depending on the cause for the pain, exercise therapy is an important tool to help manage the pain and improve strength and function. Home based exercise programs have shown to be an effective part of treatment programs.

Ottawa MSK was created by a team of physicians and therapists at the Carleton Sport Medicine clinic to provide our patients with a web-based tool to help educate them about the cause of their symptoms and to assist with home-based exercise treatments. This website will contain information regarding your specific condition and a video that will show you proper exercises to help with your recovery, if you have been given access to these videos by your physician. You may have been given access to this site as part of your treatment program or as part of a research study. Please enter the password given to you by your Carleton Sport Medicine physician. If you are part of the research study, please follow any instructions given to you by the research team.

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Special thanks to C. Montgomery MD, J. Niu MD, L. Smith MD, T. Prashar MD, S. Vescio MD, L. Bradley MD